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Get your NFT project to stand out by following our end-to-end NFT launch solutions

Who are we?

Odd One Out Labs is a premium end-to-end
NFT marketing agency like no other


We are the bridge between artist, social causes,communities, cultures, creatives and the blockchain.

We help mint out NFT projects through storytelling, creative video production, brand strategy execution and
multi-channel marketing approaches via partnerships & collaborations.

How can we help you?

Whether you require a complete project developed or just a little extra guidance,
we offer the services to support your NFT project to successful launch.

NFT Collaboration Services

NFT Consulting and Advisory

Creative Video Production

Smart Contract Development and Audit

Web Design and Development

Community Management

Growth Hacking

Database Communication

Brand and Lore Development

NFT Collaboration & Partnership Services

In the highly connected WEB3 market collaborations are the most powerful way to grow rapidly. For sure it is the highest return on investment and best performing tool for any start-up NFT collection. It’s a firm customer favourite to build hype and make people go absolutely crazy for your project. We specialise establishing premium collaborations with major NFT communities, alpha groups and influencers. We have set price and packages from 20 -100 projects. Set up a call today and lets get your project connected.

Communities and 

Projects we

work with

Communities and Projects we work with

NFT consulting and advisory

NFT communities have a unique subculture unlike anything else in the world. Figuring out your identity and go-to-market strategy is fundamental to having a successful project.

Firstly, we set out to understand who you are, what your vision is and what you are trying to achieve. We apply some of the top growth hacks, tactics and industry best practices and then identify project risks to avoid which will help in achieving a viable long term presence in the NFT

How advisory works


Our team of experts can help you navigate the complexities of NFTs And provide you with the guidance you need. We strive to give valuable objective opinions instead of going full WAGMI as the go to solution.

Having an impartial experienced advisor in your corner when the going gets tough is critical to your success.


Our team has a long history of involvement in the NFT space and is well-connected to the best resources, knowledge and talent in this space.

We provide the connections needed in launching successful projects.


Gearing up for a successful mint is all about teaming up with the best resources that WEB3 has to offer.

Understanding utility, development, marketing and the hundreds of other details needed for a successful mint is critical.

Custom tailored prices, base package starting at: $1,500 per week.

Creative video production

Every Project Has A Story Worth Telling. We Help Ensure It’s Worth Listening To.

Odd One Out Labs’s sister company Baliprod, is a full service award winning production house. As story engineers, we carve ideas into life – and we sincerely care about sharing yours in an impactful way. This hunger for storytelling, combined with our world-class standards makes us a go-to choice in the Web3 space.

The benefits of adding video to your marketing strategy are endless. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools to evoke emotion, engage audiences, boost brand visibility online and increase sales. In order to reap these benefits however, projects require creative ideas and world class execution. To see more check out Baliprod YouTube

award 5Point
award Wildlife-Conservation
award Wild-Scenic
award WASATCH-Art
award Tripvill
award The-Lift-Off
award Santa-Monica
award San-Luiso
award Oakland
award Mountainfilm2021
award London
award La-Shorts
award Kendal
award First-time
award Coastfilm
award BANFF
award Balinale

Smart contract development and audit

We use cutting-edge technology and a community of skilled professionals to offer our clients unparalleled security and peace of mind. There is a lot on the line when your NFT project goes into mint, and nothing can ruin your day like a smart contract error or a bug.

We will review the tokens, blockchain games, financial protocols and more for potential vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for improving the logic, security and safety of your smart contracts.

Our audit team then identifies potential issues, we then perform a manual double check to review and confirm these findings. As a last step we provide industry-leading actionable security recommendations as a final report.

Why the Need for a Smart Contract Audit?


  • 47.3% of the Web3 Hacks in First Half of 2022 were due to Smart Contract Vulnerabilities.
  • Only 52.7% of the
  • Exploited Web3 Projects were Audited Smart Contract Audits Build
  • Social Authority and credibility
  • Auditing your code early in the development lifecycle can
    help you avoid potentially fatal mint flaws

Custom tailored prices depending on complexity. Base package starting at: $1,000.

Web design and Development

Design is the face of your project. Make sure you get it right. There are many places to go to build an okay Web3 product, but you came to Odd One Out Labs to build a Web3 brand that is intuitive, powerful, and aesthetically harmonious. We focus on creating rich and engaging user experiences with a strategy that can help you appeal to an ever-growing decentralised market.

We aren’t interested in pushing a one-shot idea over the finish line, we aim to elevate your project at every step of the process. We can build dApps, marketplaces, on chain and off chain tokens, DeFi protocols, metaverse integrations, NFTs and various other blockchain applications.

Custom tailored prices. Please reach out to us discuss the details for your project.

NFT community management

Don’t let your NFT project flop. Invest in your community.

You can’t be successful in Web3 without an engaged and passionate community. We are professionals in building, nurturing and growing your audience online.

We will assist with adding value to your community so they are consistently engaged in your project – This will be crucial
when your NFT collection drops. Remember, your NFT project won’t have value if you don’t have a community that is excited
and supportive of your project!. Your community is the heart of your NFT strategy.

We’ll provide support for all social media and community channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, LinkedIn, and more.


Growth hacking

First things First, let’s get SCHEDULED

In order to get the most eyeballs on your project you need to get listed in as many locations as possible. We can help you to get listed on NFT calendars which are checked by thousands of NFT enthusiasts for the hottest new opportunities!

Being listed on all the best NFT calendars is a total must.

$1,500 for 35 NFT calendar and ranking sites.

Crowd marketing

Engagement Team! Let’s build HYPE

We have an army of engagers ready to go at a moment’s notice!

We work in two waves

  1. A secret army of 30 trained engagers will join your Discord / Twitter together with several pre-selected targeted NFT communities & leading forums like “Rarity Tools” & “Opensea”. They are trained to look like normal community members until…
  2. They get the signal to hype the crowd like crazy… and make them start buying when the timing is just perfect

Through rigorous improvement, monitoring and reporting,
targeted engagement is one of the most effective techniques
to sell out NFT projects.

2 waves = 3 days of building hype (+- 7000 messages / comments)

30 trained engagers + 8 hour shifts + $60 per shift – $5,400.

Competitor Targeting! Let’s TAKE AIM

This strategy is highly targeted and more intensive. We data scrape active people on Twitter who are
participating in similar projects to your own.

We scrape those users and collect them into a database of 10.000 active community members.

We then assist you in drafting an engaging tweet with a call to action such as “Like, RT & Tag 3 friends”.

We will then send out our team to go on that post from all kinds of different accounts and tag those 10.000 scraped people.

This is a very effective mechanism to get highly relevant people to really notice your project

10.000 scraped targets. $5,700.

NFT hash tagging. Lets get #

This is a really powerful way to get some organic interest on Twitter.
It works really well as a broad or highly targeted #strategy

  1. You create a Tweet – Can be a contest or an informative post.
  2. At the end of the Tweet you will put #NFT and #YourProjectName.
  3. We have a database of hundreds of promoters which we will then use to get them a massive amount of likes and RT on your Tweet.
  4. Because of amount of likes and RT this tweet will become trending
    on twitter under the hashtag #NFT.


NFT minters are always searching twitter under #NFT and will see your project on top. This brings in a lot of credibility and a new natural engagement of NFT lovers.

You can get trending for $4,500.

Database communication

Qualified Emails

It’s a matter of fact even in web3 large-scale email campaigns have 17% more conversions than social media campaigns.

Our rich database is made up of 100s of thousands of verified NFT minters and enthusiasts! The data is obtained via gated raffle entries on Premint which we then supplement with additionally scraped demographic fields. It doesn’t get more qualified than this and can be a hugely powerful tool.

$250 for an email campaign set up. $800 for copy scripting, 4 cents for each email delivered.
We can then also use this data for Twitter ads, Instagram and Facebook lookalike targeting to drive high converting Ad ROI.

We also circumnavigate NFT ad bans, ad account disabling or even blocking of
your business page issues by setting up reliable whitelists, verified pages and
enterprise level ad accounts.

Brand and lore development

Your NFT brand and lore is all about how your buyers and community perceive and relate to your project. Your identity is about everything that makes up how your NFT project presents and projects itself out into the NFTverse.

The types of visuals you use in your promotions and marketing, the voice and tone you use in your copy, social media, website, branding are all essential to a successful launch. But the first thing first we always start with is,

01. Understanding your project and community
02. Developing your Projects purpose and values

The most successful NFT projects tell a compelling story to ensure their audience
understands the value of their NFT project quickly and deeply

Lore Development Project Package starting at $2,500.