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Get your NFT project to stand out by following our full end-to-end successful launch solutions.
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Who are we?

Odd One Out Labs is a premium end-to-end NFT agency like no other.

We are the bridge between social causes, communities, cultures, creatives and the Blockchain. We help mint out NFT projects through storytelling, creative video production, brand strategy execution and multi-channel marketing approaches via partnerships & collaborations.
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How can we help you?

Whether you require a complete project developed or just a little extra guidance,
we offer the services to support your NFT project to successful launch.

Consulting & Advisory

Advisory, guidance and support for team and founders during roadmap planning, pre-mint and mint stages.

Brand Development

Let us help you create an enticing brand story with exceptional design and visual experience.

Blockchain Development

We develop smart contracts, custom mint functionality and various WEB3 blockchain integrations.

Digital Marketing & Collaborations

We utilise several digital marketing strategies together with active collaboration establishment with other successful NFT projects and groups.

Illustration & Graphic Design

Need assistance in creating your NFT graphics? Our in-house creatives will turn your ideas into a reality!

Video Production

Support your brand message with high-end video from our multi award-winning video production team.

Web Development

We will develop UI/UX as well as integrate the backend to best represent your brand and increase sales.

Community Management

We can complete all your Discord server set-up and security together with a moderation team to keep your community engaged and safe.


We offer 3rd party auditing services for your smart contracts and Discord server set-up.

NFT Collaboration & Partnership Services

In the highly connected WEB3 market collaborations are the most powerful way to grow rapidly. For sure it is the highest return on investment and best performing tool for any start-up NFT collection. It’s a firm customer favourite to build hype and make people go absolutely crazy for your project. We specialise establishing premium collaborations with major NFT communities, alpha groups and influencers. We have set price and packages from 20 -100 projects. Set up a call today and lets get your project connected.

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Collaboration partners we work with

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    Communities and Projects we work with

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    How do we work?


    Discovery Call

    Kick off with a 15-minute call to see if we are the right fit.

    Brand Identity

    Develop an irresistible brand story, establish a bulletproof strategy and plan the project road map.

    Technical Development

    Execute your vision with a secure technical development infrastructure, audit and required WEB3 integrations

    Grow your Community

    collaborative marketing is one of the leading strategies for driving marketing ROI in today’s hyper-connected web 3 landscape.

    Case studies

    The Humanians

    The Humanians is a social cause NFT collection born on the Ethereum Blockchain. Conceived to be an active force directly involved in assisting and bringing awareness to both the lack of human diversity and the unrealistic self image expectations perpetuated by modern media.

    The Humanians is a social movement that aims to make a difference in both the digital and real world.

    Case Studies Humanians


    780,000+ Video Campaign Views
    5800 NFT Collection Minted Out
    $800,000 Raised
    60,000 Community Members on Discord
    NFT Staking & off-chain Token
    125,000 Followers on Twitter
    Custom Web 3 Marketplace Development
    $160,00 Donated to Charity Partners
    Curious to learn more about how we can help you?